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img_8750-2.jpgIf you are looking to learn more than you ever thought possible about essential oils, then the EO bar app is just the right tool! This is not your average reference guide, so raise your expectations. In this app, you will learn what essentials oils are, how to properly and safely use them, and be able to keep tabs on all your favorite oils and recipes. Did you know you can even make lists of oils you have and oils you want, plus throw away all those note cards and type in all your own personal recipes? It is so super fun to keep track of everything and have a recipe app with over 300 recipes right at your fingertips. Don’t forget to get into the Education section, plus we will be adding a lot more information coming this Fall!

Available on Apple and Android! Check your app stores under The EO Bar. It is a one time fee of only $6.99 and is like getting 3 books in one app!