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Cinnamon Bark Vanilla Pudding ?>

Cinnamon Bark Vanilla Pudding

This Cinnamon bark vanilla pudding will knock your socks off! Buy some European Gourmet Bakery Organics Vanilla pudding mix and make as directed. Pour into a medium sized bowl to set. Once chilled add 1 drop Young Living Cinnamon Bark Vitality essential oil and whip up. Scoop into four small bowls, shave some fresh cinnamon bark on top for effect and enjoy!

Dessert Hack: Essential Oil Infused Chocolate Treats ?>

Dessert Hack: Essential Oil Infused Chocolate Treats

Check out this easy dessert hack idea! Any time I make essential oil infused chocolate dipped treats there is always left over chocolate lining the bowl. For me, I hate wasting essential oils AND chocolate. Simply toss in some roasted sunflower seeds (I like the salted ones from Trader Joe’s) and mix around in the bowl. Use a spatula to get all the chocolate and make sure your seeds are fully coated. Then drop mix onto a cookie sheet into…

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