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Rife Machine

So many people ask how they can get their hands on Rife technology. There are rumors and rumors of rumors. In the end there are TONS of knock offs that really don’t do much in the way of actually helping you. So, you know me. I sleuthed it out! I finally found a company with 20 years of experience and research on the original Royal Rife machine. THEY ARE THE REAL DEAL! I called and spoke at length with this company to find out if they could make a kit for my followers. Something a little more affordable as a personal machine. They are giving us a ProGen II Special Kit with a promo code of JOS4050 which is just for our group. It gets you the machine and some add-ons for $1195 (savings of $185). You can get just the machine but you really need the extras too. Check it out here, then when you call, you have to ask for Brian Bonnici. He is our hook up guy. He will fully take care of all your questions. You can call him at 1-877-338-4949
They give you lifetime support and a money back guarantee.
Enjoy and get your frequency on!