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iTOVi Info & FAQs

iTOVi is the best resource for biofeedback on your body. It is based on frequency, biofeedback, and bioimedance. To understand those three concepts check out this post HERE. Here is how iTOVi describes what they do, “The iTOVi Nutrition Tracker is a revolutionary, integrated system that incorporates advanced hardware, data science, API partners, and engaging applications. Through an in-depth analysis, iTOVi is able to intelligently understand you, helping you make better choices to achieve your personal wellness goals. Using its advanced sensors and sophisticated algorithms, over time the iTOVi Nutrition Tracker collects and crunches your information. As past scores and data build, iTOVi’s proprietary systems get to know you. Customized results are then relayed to you in the form of easy to understand nutrition reports. Your nutrition. Personalized.”

If you would like to get your very own biofeedback machine, I highly recommend the iTOVi. It is super portable, can literally fit in your pocket, and you can scan pretty much anything or anyone with a pulse. It is meant for humans so don’t go trying to scan your rose bush, but you can try scanning your pet if they will stay long enough for the scan, and scanning a baby on the bottom of their foot or arm while they are sleeping works, too. The software runs off your phone so there is no need for any other machinery. You can buy one HERE or you can see more info on their website or YouTube channel.


How do I purchase?
Click this link to purchase your iTOVi. Once you do, please contact Jen on Facebook to be added to her private resource group for iTOVi users.

What is the price?
BASIC: $9.99 for the tracker and $39.99 per month. Once you get 16 referrals you no longer have to pay the $39.99 per month access fee.
CLASSIC: $199 down payment with $19.99 per month access. With this option you get 4 referrals included. Once you refer 12 total people you no longer have to pay the $19.99 per month access fee.
CHOICE: $799 gets you lifetime access and instant referral commissions at $50 per person you refer.

What device does it work on?
iOS: iOS 8 or later
Android: Version 4.4 or later

How does it communicate with my mobile device?
The iTOVi Tracker communicates via Bluetooth LE (version 4.0+) with your mobile device. Please check with your device manufacturer for compatibility.

How many biopoints does it read?
It reads 273 biopoints.

How many products does it give you on your reading?
The device is initially set to 3, however under the settings you can change this to 3, 5, 7, or 10.

Why would I want less than 10 on my client’s reading?
Sometimes a quick read is the best place to start. The top three are the most important so a deeper read would be far less biopoints out of place even though they would be helpful to add. Also, depending on the customer you are doing a scan on, 10 may be too overwhelming to start. This just gives you options to customize them. I have found when I am trying to do a quick scan on lots of people it is best to set it at 3 or 5 since I also like to go over each product and why they may need it.

How often can I scan a person or myself?
Based on how biofeedback works, your body, once you know there is an issue mentally, will start to help correct that internally on its own. It is totally OK to scan yourself or anyone else every day or once a week

Why do I get different readings if I scan twice within the same time period?
I encourage you to read about biofeedback HERE. Our body is super complex and will actually start the process of homeostasis when you tell your mind something is off. Your reading will be similar, however there will be several things different. This is totally normal and very expected.

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