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Essential Oils

Assuming you do not have an oil person yet, I would be honored to become yours! I realize there are hundreds upon hundreds of different essential oil companies to choose from and we all know that only one cannot actually be THE best. However, in my 9 years of using essential oils and learning what they do for me specifically I have tried 11 different brands, all from the major players in the industry. I do side-by-side testing and comparisons. I do not use any machinery since my body is my most fine-tuned instrument. If you have read my books or come to my lectures you will know how sensitive to chemicals I am. I get instant frontal lobe headaches if I smell any synthetic fragrance. I can also tell you pretty clearly if there is any additive in an oil. I do several tests, from freeze tests, to full cotton rag tests, as well as a very simple, yet effective lymphatic test. Again, because my body is so sensitive I will know within 30 seconds to a minute if an oil company carries oils that are distilled to the strength I personally need them to be. While each of us are different, I have yet to find a more potent and specific action oil company than Young Living. They are not the highest priced oils as some state, nor are they the least expensive. This I do know, after 9 years of using them, they are the most potent and fast acting. Their synergies are unlike any other company I have tried, and their commitment to above-grade organic standards I have yet to see in any other company. So, if you want the best, I’d happily become your oil lady and you can get started over at

If you already order oils from Young Living, great!
You can still learn from me on this website!
I am so excited you are on this journey with me!

2016 Young Living Premium Starter Kit