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French Aromatherapy  ?>

French Aromatherapy 

Production for my new recipe book “French Aromatherapy” is on track! We are set to publish on June 1st. This means the presale price will no longer be available once they are officially published. The retail price will be $12.99 per copy and 10 packs will be 40% off at $7.70 per book. If you’d like to take advantage of the presale at just $6 per book go to Here’s the contents page so you can preview what’s inside….

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Get Certified in French Aromatherapy

Choosing the right school to become a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist or even just take a few classes can be a daunting task. My goal was to find a school that matched my current usage philosophy of being able to consume essential oils. Many schools in the USA do not teach, nor condone the internal usage of essential oils. From many years of experience, hundreds of thousands of people know otherwise. Getting educated in the proper use, however is key. This…

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