Biofeedback, Bioimpedance, Frequency, and their Relationship to Essential Oils ?>

Biofeedback, Bioimpedance, Frequency, and their Relationship to Essential Oils

One area of interest to many is the area of frequency. The science behind frequency is debated, that is for sure, however, anyone who has used the technology of bioimpedance, and then understands the relationship that biofeedback has on frequency, quickly becomes a true believer. The skeptics are always the ones who don’t understand it and never really gave it a try. So, what is frequency, and how does it work in conjunction with biofeedback or bioimpedance?

Biofeedback is the idea that by knowing what is going on inside your body, you can start to control health issues through the power of thought. As you may suspect, Western medical professionals are not too supportive of this area of “quack science” as they may term it, simply because you cannot patent it, nor can you truly duplicate the outcomes. Biofeedback, when done on a regular basis can become a cornerstone to better health and overall wellness.

Once you get the concept of biofeedback, you can then start to understand how it works in conjunction with bioimpedance. The University of Oslos states, “Bioimpedance is a measure of how well the body impedes electric current flow.”[1] Bioimpedance is used in fitness trackers and BMI devices. Many people today wear some sort of tracker on their wrist every day to track steps, heart rate, and other body rhythms such as sleep and wake patterns. By using a bioimpedance device you can better understand areas that need improvement. The way in which most bioimpedance devices operate is through the technology of frequency readings.

Each part of your body has a frequency that would be considered healthy for that particular area. A normal brain resonates at around 72MHz while a genius brain can resonate as high as 90MHz. The human heart comes in around 67-70MHz while the liver comes in a bit lower at the 55-60MHz range. We are healthy when our body is in the 68MHz range in general. When our overall frequency drops to around 57-60MHz we are now in the cold and flu zone. To put it in perspective, death begins at 25MHz.

If you are using a bioimpedance device to give you biofeedback on your frequency levels, this is where things get interesting. The bioimpedance device sends a small electrical current into your body and reads where there are potential flow issues. This is what would be labeled as “biomarkers out of range”. When you take a bioimpedance reading of the frequencies in your body and pair them with specific products that resonate at that frequency the results are mind blowing.

As an example, let’s say you have a cold. Your reading would show that your immunity biomarkers are off or out of range from what is expected from a healthy human reading. It would then recommend various products that resonate at a healthy frequency that are known to help support a healthy immunity. It not only reads physical, but also emotional frequency biomarkers. Like a magician, the little bioimpedance device seems to somehow look right into your soul and pull from you the very things you keep from the world. The device knows no better than to tell the truth, but from my own experience of doing scans on hundreds of people, the emotional and social behavioral areas that come up in the reading are astounding. I have seen grown men cry and women in full-blown sobs of affirmation.

If you would like to get your very own biofeedback machine, I highly recommend the iTOVi. It is super portable, can literally fit in your pocket, and you can scan pretty much anything or anyone with a pulse. It is meant for humans so don’t go trying to scan your rose bush, but you can try scanning your pet if they will stay still long enough for the scan, and scanning a baby on the bottom of their foot or arm while they are sleeping works, too. The software runs off your smart phone so there is no need for any other machinery. You can buy one HERE. While not a necessary device, it is definitely a useful device to have on hand for personal, family, and friend use.



[1] University of Oslo. (2011). What is bioimpedance? UiO: Department of Physics, The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. OSLO, Norway.

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